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Position Available: Assistant Training Director

Desirable Qualifications: Strong administrative skills, competent knowledge of the electrical construction industry.

The ideal candidate will be a detail-oriented individual with strong time management skills. One who is willing to support and carry out the efforts of the JATC and the Training Director. One who has the ability to work effectively and collaboratively in team environments consisting of labor,management, governmental, educational, and community representatives. The position requires strong organizational and planning skills and abilities. The candidate must have the ability to communicate clearly and accurately both written and verbal. A strong working knowledge of computers, multimedia formats, software applications, and office administration.

Job Description: Provide professional direction and support to the JATC, The Trust Fund, and The Training Director. Coordinate with the Electrical Training Alliance on implementation of the national curriculum and the blended learning system to provide IBEW/NECA the most qualified and best trained work force in the electrical industry.

Duties include: Directing and coordination and development of an effective training program; coordinating recruitment strategies and recruiting to meet labor needs; acting as a liaison between the local JATC and all training partners including the local union, contractors, local school systems, and government agencies; the recruiting, hiring, and training of JATC instructors; and implementing the everyday operation of the school including testing and record keeping of apprentice grades and progress.

The primary duty of the Assistant Director is to support and aid the Training Director in whatever tasks are needed to maintain a successful program.

Compensation:Salary, with full benefit package, will be commensurate with knowledge, skills,abilities, qualifications, and experience.

Please submit a completed application, cover letter, and resume no later than June 30, 2018, to:

Chattanooga Electrical JATC
3924 Volunteer Drive
Chattanooga,TN 37416

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