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Apprenticeship Program
  • We currently offer a five (5) year Journeyman Wireman Apprenticeship .
  • As an apprentice, you will be paid to work full time with an electrical contractor AND you will attend classes twice a week.

     Throughout the apprenticeship, you will receive training to make you the best in the electrical industry. Through the JATC, the electrical construction industry can provide you with a well paying satisfying, career. Your earning potential as a JATC trained apprentice is only limited by your drive to succeed.  


      The Electrical Apprenticeship Program is an 8000 hour program.  Apprentices work on the job 40 hours per week and are required to attend school, during the regular school year, two nights a week for three hours each night. The only costs you are responsible for are the application fee, books, and a few registration fees. You are not responsible for your school tuition as long as you continue working for a NECA contractor. Five years of related training classes are yours, each year,  for the small cost of books and registration fees.

On-The-Job Training

      In addition to your excellent classroom instruction, you will be learning from your full time job with one of Chattanooga's NECA contractors.  In your daily on-the-job training you will be taught how to do what you've learned in the classroom by qualified IBEW Local 175 Journeyman electriciansYou will earn the current apprentice pay rate while working on major construction projects such as office buildings, residential homes, manufacturing facilities and commercial businesses.

How to Apply 

      Call our office from July 6, 2021 to August 6, 2021 to schedule an application appointment (423) 894-9052. . A valid driver's license, $25.00, and high school transcript are required.

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